Imperfect Produce Lunch and Learn

Ugly Produce. Delivered.
The Satellite Third Floor Event Space
February 14th, 12-1pm

Imperfect produce is coming to LA! Imperfect is an SF Bay Area based company that let’s people fight food waste while enjoying fresh, healthy produce delivered right to their doors. They source delicious produce that would otherwise go to waste because it looks a little different than supermarket produce. Because it isn’t “pretty” enough for grocery stores, it is 30-50% cheaper so you end up saving money in addition to reducing waste and saving time on shopping. They deliver fully customizable produce boxes that can be built around an individual or family’s needs. Their offer boxes in a wide range of sizes, available organic or conventional, and filled with fruits, veggies, or both.

After a successful first year in the Bay Area, Imperfect is excited to expand its ugly produce delivery service to Los Angeles. They’ll be starting LA deliveries starting on January 27th and rolling out in a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. They invite you to be some of the first LA customers and be a trendsetter in waste-free shopping and healthy eating.

To learn more, join us February 14th on the third floor for a lunch and learn. They’ll be giving out fruit, totes and stickers, plus offering a first free box to those interested in giving their service a try!
Imperfect Produce