Jump Shoes Satellite Member Discount

Member Discount
Thanks to our community, Jump Shoes is giving The Satellite member discount of 40% off all J75 shoes.

In late Fall of 2009 JUMP FOOTWEAR recognized the need to supply THE WORLD with a seriously fashion forward brand of lifestyle casuals, incorporating outstanding wearability, comfort, quality and value into its designs.

J75 by JUMP was born, and quickly became the go to brand for consumers who want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed…The brand offering the most diverse selection of colors, materials and details which are often overlooked by the competition. The brand tailoring to the INDIVIDUALIST who craves the look and the detailing of advanced luxury footwear for men, women and children at AFFORDABLE prices.

To view the selection, go to j75shoes.com.

Email your center coordinator at [email protected] for your discount code.