Living Economy Salon

A first of its kind Living Economy Salon worldwide conversation with Ray Podder, Jonas Bergvall, Irene Gil Catalina & Paul MacFarlane, the co-creators of the international inter-local, virtu-real NOW Pop-Up Possibility Encounters for world changers everywhere, along with some drop-in special online guests. Join the LES on this evening of collaborating and evolving with NOW to initiate the LES as one of the nodes of the global NOW collective.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017
The Satellite Santa Monica

7:30-9 PROGRAM
9:00-9:30 more time for networking
COST: $10 cash at the door


The reality we have believed true to date is proving false.

As current systems crack past their inevitable limits, competing opinions, actions and ideologies scream on as the next ways forward. Yet, with more new solutions we are also creating more new problems!

The co-creators of NOW see this differently.

Why are we still solving from the old beliefs that got us here? How do we change our current reality if we do not first solve for the underlying intentions, motivations, perceptions and limiting beliefs driving this version of it? Changing beliefs requires changing how we experience reality.

Our spaces exist because of how we think about them, but what about the in-between spaces we overlook? Spaces that are neither here nor there, like the inter-local virtual interactions that affect our daily reality?

The NOW story honors these in-between spaces, and holds them sacred for world changers. Inter-local encounters, think tanks, partnerships and more have manifested from the NOW Encounters with this next new world we are all co-creating everywhere.

This unique conversation brings the original co-creators into the same physical space for the very first time. Introducing new twists on our current reality and new ways of thinking beyond ideologies and isms to create the next possibilities NOW popping up everywhere. NOW pushes our premises and boundaries to show that a better world is not only possible, it is actually happening NOW with amazing co-creators worldwide.

Join us for an unexpectedly unusual evening of unprecedented possibilities, and take away more than the ideas you come in with. Amazing things are possible here and NOW when we can abandon our old views about them. The Living Economy Salon is so NOW. There is never any separation between NOW and others. Everyone everywhere are always included, and we are NOW free to co-create from what is and what has been universally true all along.

Love. Life. NOW.