New Santa Monica Bike Index

The Santa Monica Police Department is announcing a new bike index program.

Unfortunately, many bicycles are stolen in Santa Monica, particularly in the downtown area. When officers encounter a potentially stolen bicycle, if it has not been reported with the serial number officers have no way of locating the victim. In an effort to return bicycles that have been stolen to their owners, the Santa Monica Police Department are strongly encouraging that every person and or business that owns a bicycle register them on an online bike index at

This bike index allows someone to enter their information along with the description of the bicycle and serial number. Now when officers are in the field and locate what they believe to be a stolen bicycle, they can log into the website and enter the bicycle description and serial  number. This will search the database and if a match is found, they are able to contact the registered owner. This will increase the chances of locating the victim of a bicycle theft. 

bike index