Yoga Business Retreat

Yoga Business Retreat at The Satellite Santa Monica


The Yoga Business Retreat is a two and a half day business-building program specially designed for yoga instructors. Located at the event space in The Satellite Santa Monica.

Although this is a business program, you can expect to receive information that is only relevant to your career – no generalizations. What you will receive and learn, and all the tools you will gain have been designed for you, by professional yoga teachers who are also successful entrepreneurs.

The program is designed to address three critical elements necessary for a thriving career:

The first element pertains to the logistics of the business.

Accounting, taxes, and all the ‘stuff’ needed to build a successful product, including social media, web site, business cards, photoshoots, newsletters, and so on. These logistical elements, when not addressed appropriately turn into BIG roadblocks to success. You will leave this retreat with all of those items completed and ready to show the world. We are not only providing these products and services, we are also making the process approachable and fun so that you can handle the on-going maintenance with complete grace and ease. There is nothing more empowering than being in complete CONTROL of your business logistical operations.

Second, the retreat offers professional coaching in three crucial areas.

Marketing, business, and sales. We understand that selling, marketing and running a business are not yoga teachers’ favorite pastimes, so we created hands-on exercises that will make selling, marketing and running a business seem as easy as savasana. More importantly, these tools are yours to keep forever, and they never run out of style, even if you decide to switch gears and become a rock-star! Once you learn the golden nuggets that make entrepreneurs so good at building successful businesses, then, truly, the sky is the limit.

Third, the retreat was designed to allow you to build your own unique dream career.

Having coached hundreds of individuals we understand that even a slight, half-degree change in course at the beginning of a career has significant effect in the end result. Learning for yourself what is your true dream is not only a good idea, it is a critical step to long-term success and happiness. As they say, “there is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not have a destination in mind.” At the retreat you will gain complete clarity about what are your unique gifts, and how these gifts translate into a fulfilling and profitable career.

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