Z. Year One Launch Party

Log On and Welcome The Newest Apocalypse!

This Saturday, March 4th, from 12-16 PM, The Satellite Santa Monica will be hosting the livestream of the launch party for Z. Year One on Twitch!

Z. Year One is a crowdfunded, digital Collectible Card Game (CCG) combining elements of classic tabletop gaming and cinematic imagery on every card. Unlike other games in the genre, Z. Year One gives players their own, unique zombie horror film with each new game! Play as a Survivor or play as one of the Fallen, play new cards from your deck to bring out different characters, weapons, traps and more. Moreover, with Z. Year One you get different Location Decks that change the game dramatically, so that with each different location you have a different set of characters and items available. No two games will ever be the same and with its finely tuned mechanics from intense play-testing even if you think all hope is lost you might make a big comeback! This game is Magic: The Gathering meets video games meets horror movies, and you won’t believe the creepy fun you’ll have.

On Saturday join Grant Imahara (MythBusters, White Rabbit Project), Z. Year One team Downward Viral, and more for the livestream launch via Twitch. Get a first-hand look at how the game is played and the awesome photo visuals that Downward Viral has used to immerse players in the action. There should be plenty of fun, laughs and maybe even some terrified screams! Don’t want to wait until Saturday? Check out Z. Year One right now on Steam by selecting the image below. Just be sure to check back Saturday on Twitch otherwise you might miss the most fun apocalypse you’ll ever try to survive!